אירועים מיוחדים

Once upon a noodle, by the Chen family


It all started on a cold winter day on 2013 when my 7 years old kid, Geva,  asked me to tell him a new story.

No problem, I answered. A story about what ? About a noodle, he replied.

what is so special about a noodle ?  I wandered, and he explained:


Because this noodle thinks she is worthless and wants to be something else until a good gnome sees her and helps her.

We talked a little bit more about his imaginary story and eventually i told him that to my opinion it's a great idea for a children's book and asked him to write it in his own words and he did.


A couple of days later, his older brother (Gal - 9 years old) drew the images of the noodle and the gnome from the story.

It took five more months and many corrections and versions until we printed the first final version of our family book.

Since then, we have been through many kinder gardens and elementary schools, voluntarily  with our books and some puppets we prepared.


The kids (including the young sister – Adva) perform a puppet's show and encourage the children they meet to write and draw stories and pictures.


This story has many good benefits for children:

Learning to be satisfied with yourself without searching and being jealous of other kids.

The importance of helping a friend in need.

And obviously, the meaning of changing even one small letter in a word.


Since April 2017, this book is available at Amazon kindle store.


Once upon a noodle – A story written by children for children

Dedi Chen, Our email: Chenbooks2014@gmail.om

Once Upon a Noodle